The True Cost of Asbestos (Part 1)

Millions of tons of ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) constitute a “Mega problem” cause the environmental impact of their removal and transport to landfills … But, also, a “mega deal”!

On the basis of datas received by the government, regional and local authorities in the field and the subjects owners / operators of landfills, to June 30, 2012 had been identified, on the whole national territory, seventy-three plants, of which: • 41 landfills in exercise; • 4 landfills suspended or batches with the acceptance of WCA suspended (for precautionary suspension or suspension for the conferment of WCA); • 6 dumps awaiting authorization; • 22 landfills in operation.

Yes, it is all in the landfill, as twenty years ago, although there are technologies for the complete transformation of asbestos in inert material and reusable and our legislation (among the most advanced in the field) so provides:

“Treatments that alter the structure completely crystal chemistry of asbestos and therefore invalidate the dangers related to asbestos minerals (Chemical modification, modification mechanochemical, lithification, Vitrification,, mythologizing pyrolytic, Production of clinker, Ceramization), whose final destination may be reuse as a secondary material. This is provided that the products of the treatment are free of asbestos … “.

So what does “such legislation” then if, for example, there are not landfills for such waste in Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Molise, the Autonomous Province of Trento, Sicily, Umbria, Aosta Valley and Veneto?

What are these landfills if their capacity are able to contain 10% of the MCA still in the area? They will make others?

I wish you consider on these datas:

The WCA (Waste Containing Asbestos) have these disposal costs, in landfill:

the asbestos cement = about € 174 / ton

flooring vinyl-asbestos = about € 155 / ton

chimneys, pipes and downpipes, tanks and bins = about € 220 / ton

If compare these costs with what we pay for household waste, for an apartment of 100 square meters, we would realize that we spend a lot more for that house than for asbestos …

Transportation, therefore, for its impact on the refusal, is the core business of these activities:

  • More distant is the collection center or landfill, higher will be the cost of rejection that I have to pay.
  • More refusal will be “lightweight” (a hot, chimneys, a small shed ..), higher will be the cost of rejection that I have to pay.



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