asbestos in military and civil aircraft


There is no certain information about the use of asbestos in military and civil aircraft. The reports include:
• friction materials used in brakes;
• the use of cartoons in cupboards for the storage of hot food;
• the use of tele during welding of metal parts;
• the use of seals.
It is conceivable the use of asbestos in military aircraft with thermal insulating function between the cockpit and the reactor, when located in a central position.
By documentation showing that the aircraft DC-8, DC-9, C-9, MD-80, DC-10, KC-10 and MD-11, had parts and materials containing asbestos mainly in the areas subjected to high temperatures, such as: engine , auxiliary engine, hot air lines, brakes and areas adjacent thereto.
In particular engine asbestos-containing materials were used such as:
• thermal insulation of metal boxes, cables, thermal shields, terminal;
• stickers shapes, segments, pipes and panels;
• clamps, gaskets and insulation strips.
Also present were asbestos panels for soundproofing aircraft.
The activities of maintenance and overhaul of aircraft in the hangar took place, divided into various departments communicate with each them through sliding doors.
The departments where they were dismantling of materials containing asbestos and which could therefore give rise to a direct workers to asbestos fibers were found to be:
• Baie hospitalization aircraft;
• Strains Brakes;
• Interior design;
• Setting up and dismantling engines.


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