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(Sewage treatment plants, water purification and distribution)
In drinking water treatment plants up to 2000 have been used asbestos cement (“tranquillizzatori”) to decrease the pressure of the water to be purified and access installations pass for the purification.

The sewage sludge that were produced at-filtered and that contained chrysotile asbestos fiber type.

Asbestos cement has been used for the construction of pressure pipes for the supply of drinking water of various diameters. Mostly it was used of crocidolite asbestos.
Even some pipelines for the city gas were carried out with the same mixture of asbestos cement. Some metal ducts for gas were coated rope asbestos, usually chrysotile, and then tarred to protect oxidation.
During maintenance and repair of the pipes of the distribution of the gas (which could not be suspended) were used manufacturing of asbestos (felt, cardboard) and personal protection against the flames that could develop
by welding metal, for small gas leaks. The use of asbestos cement pipes for the transport of drinking water is still in place. The companies that supply water to the city have stopped laying of new asbestos cement pipes that had in stock only after 2004. E ‘likely that the use of gaskets and packing was interrupted by Law 257 of 1992.

Working Group ReNaM.


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