Asbestos: At the conclusion of the reclamation

Return at the end of the site's environmental remediation
Restituzione ambientale a fine bonifica

End of work
At the conclusion of the reclamation must use water jets that atomize a liquid fixative and vacuum cleaners suitable for powder so that you do not have residues of material containing asbestos. After a careful visual examination which excludes the presence of visible pieces of asbestos-containing materials on the floor and on the surfaces of the enclosed area, determining the number of airborne fibers with an analysis of the scanning electron microscope, which must be less than 2 fibers / liter: if the site is not polluted may be returned to the customer.
The sampling is carried out while the air in the confined area is moved (“aggressive sampling”), the number of samples must be sufficiently representative and settled on an area basis, the volume and shape of the yard.


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